Deep Learning Talent

Distribution of Deep Learning Supertalent in Industry

A talent war between Google and Facebook?

Deep Learning is a young field and has a shortage of experts. This page explores the distribution of "supertalent" within industry. We define supertalent as those who have made major contributions to the field, either through an important discovery or by educating the field. Google and Facebook have the greatest concentration of supertalent:

Geoffrey Hinton

Godfather of Deep Learning. Backpropagation, Boltzmann Machines, t-SNE, distillation.


Yann LeCun

Father of Convolutional Nets. MNIST.


Jeff Dean

Founder of Google Brain and TensorFlow.


Demis Hassabis

Founder of DeepMind. Creator of AlphaGo.


Fei-Fei Li

Created ImageNet, accelerating the progress in deep learning for visual recognition.


Francois Chollet

Core developer of Keras, a high level deep learning API.

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Yangqing Jia

Created Caffe, a popular Deep Learning Framework

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Kaiming He

Created ResNet, which is state-of-the-art architecture in computer vision.


Alex Krizhevsky

Created AlexNet, which shattered the ILSVRC 2012 competition.


Ross Girshick

Creator of Fast R-CNN and Faster R-CNN.


George Dahl

Created the first successful deep models for speech recognition.

Tomas Mikolov

Led team that created Word2vec

Andrej Karpathy

Deep Learning expert. Human standard for ILSVRC competition.